To our Dearest Community,

It is time to celebrate Chanukah! This holiday is so apt for 2020. We are living in a time of darkness, cold and fear. Yet each one of us has the power to change that.

At the time of the Chanukah story back over 2000 years ago, it was a small band of Macabbes who stood up for what was right, and fought for religious freedom. Chanukah is the miraculous victory of the human soul over cold calculated reason.

Our biggest enemy is now from within. It's the doubts, worries and fears that hold us back from being the person we have the possibility to be. We all have so many reason why we can't do things.

Covid-19 is not just a physical illness. Don't let it put your fire out.We are celebrating Chanukah during the darkest months of the year. This is a personal message to each one of us. How do we fight that internal darkness? Add light.

If change seems overwhelming, look at the Menorah. It shows us how to do it - add one small flame at a time.

This package contains our gifts to you, to make your Chanukah a little brighter. Giving is a gift that keeps giving. We can all be like the Shamash, the leader candle, and share the light on.When you share time, wisdom, understanding and friendship, everyone's lives are enlightened.

Remember you are not alone, we are all connected and we are one Jewish community. Join us on zoom on Thursday 10th. Have the candles ready as we will light together. Each night of Chanukah, find someone who you can share your light with. Let's beat the odds and make this Chanukah one of connection and light.

With love, Rabbi Shmuli, Rivkie & all the Children