Rabbi and Mrs Shmuli Pink moved to Leicester 5386AJK.JPGin August 2001. 

Rabbi Shmuli originates from Manchester. He pursued rabbinical studies at Yeshivot in Israel, South Africa and in New York where he gained Semicha in 1998. Prior to his marriage to Rivkie (nee Weinbaum).

London born, Rivkie was educated there. Later, she attended Teachers’ Seminary in Johannesburg. She gained experience in teaching and youth work while working in Gothenburg, Sweden, Palm Springs, California and New York.

Apart from his early rabbinical experience in England, South Africa, the USA, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Rabbi Pink brings a wide experience as a university counselor at Oxford University and Director of Religious Programmes in Calgary, Alberta.

He is fluent in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Together with their 10 children, they are proving themselves a formidable team; ‘team’ being the key word. They are the heart and soul of Chabad Leicester and have brought a vibrancy to the Leicester Hebrew Congregation, with their endless energy and joy.

Their home is the centre of many of the activities, which they worked tirelessly to promote.

Rabbi Shmuli is the visiting Chaplain to local hospitals and prisons.

Rebbetzin Rivkie gives a very popular  bi-weekly ladies shiur, sends out weekly Torah texts, promotes and takes care of the ladies mikvah and home schools her children.

Rabbi Shmuli is always available to speak to anyone and can be contacted on 0116 270 6622.