Leicester has two University Campuses 

University of Leicester - www.le.ac.uk

De Montfort University - www.dmu.ac.uk

As well as a flourishing JSOC run for the students by the students.

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Campus is more comfortable but Chabad still feels
like home.

Even as you warm up to your roommate, figure out laundry and embrace the routine of university life, it’s nice to escape sometimes. Chabad Houses are the place to go for a listening ear, an open mind and a friendly smile. Missing your family? Chat with the Rabbi, cook Shabbat dinner with the Rebbetzin or play games with the kids. Need a bit of alone time? Pick up an interesting book. Our door is always open.

As your home away from home, we also aim to bring a piece of home to you. If you’re stuck in bed with an illness, or otherwise under the weather, we’ll send some healing your way in the form of Jewish Penicillin (a.k.a. A warm bowl of Matzo Ball Soup). Sharing is encouraged, but not required.

In December 2018 during Chanukah, We had our first ever Menorah Lighting on campus.

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